We defined, co-created, tested, and launched the best hiring and decision-making tool on the market, in just 6 months.
“It’s wonderful how you have a process and structure of the conversation, how we have joint ideation sessions, how you are helping in understanding the client’s goals, objectives, what we are trying to do in the market”
Anirban ‘AC’ Chakrabarti – CEO

We met Sri in August 2020, he was leading the development of a new product. His idea was to apply a proven methodology in hiring personnel in a mass consumption market. It could work? We engaged with him and his team to find the answer.

The great challenge is, can we match the face-to-face experience in an interview and eliminate any bias in decision-making?

We interviewed over a hundred HR analysts to understand how to create the best interview assistant. A key fact was that we could not give up the main connection in a physical interview, eye contact.

As a first step, we devised an incredibly intuitive and simple interview screen, with hundreds of hours of work, that allows people to look into each other’s eyes while taking notes, has contextual advice, and helps the interviewer to have a structured interview.

We also understood the importance of qualitative data from the start. We created a deep dive into the candidate’s profiles, allowing for a thorough comparison of their skills and experience, personality traits, and matching score to the position. Information such as graded answers, salary, and education is intertwined with sentiment analysis, key conversation points, speech analysis, and more. We want our users to have as detailed an understanding of a candidate as possible.

We continue to work towards the most complete and helpful candidate profile, but we also have a very interesting approach to candidate comparison. 



At the same time, with trends like the great resignation of 2021, cultural fit in a company is as important as it has ever been. So we help our users to create, review and assess the cultural fit of their candidates right in the same platform, and that information can be used to compare candidates and make a choice.

Overall we believe that the right information, shown in the right way, will be key for decision making. We want to remove bias in the hiring process, making it as objective as possible, and in the end, ensuring you have the right person in the right position. On top of this interaction and research work, we defined a design system that can scale with Hirelogic’s business, and can help them grow their target audience to help in other areas of the hiring processes, such as applicant management.

Our team was in time zones ranging from the West Coast to Mumbai, and we all worked as a single team, thanks to Hirelogic’s great team culture. 

We are building a tool to disrupt the space, helping companies hire the right people for the right positions in record time and with the analytics needed to support it.

In summary, we defined, co-created, tested, and launched the best hiring and decision-making tool on the market, in just 6 months.

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