Destefano 1913

A new and luxurious experience for Destefano's website and e-commerce


Still managed by the same family that founded it in 1913, the company was facing the necessity of innovation and taking its website to a higher place. A place that would reflect the great offering of products and multiple brands that the company has, and its ability to bring quality to any construction project.

The challenge was to stay loyal to the company’s great history, maintain the close communication and strong relationships with its clients and, at the same time, showcase the premium quality of their products and their brands. We had to find a way of preserving this family attention service that has characterized them since their foundation while modernizing their platform.

On a technical level, we were confronted with the challenge of unifying 4 different existing websites and a separate online store into one place. We would also have to come up with a system to be able to use and work with all the heavy images they had stored in the drive.


We focused on understanding exactly what the company’s values are and what they ​​meant for them and for their clients, and how we can build an experience accordingly. We organized a strategy, design and development team focused on maintaining the great principles of the company’s positioning: Quality, Innovation and Trust. These values would be reflected in each interaction, in each resource and design element, and in a development that ensures fluidity in the use of the product, with a CMS that would enable the customization of De Stefano’s great offering of products and services.

We unified all the websites into a single platform. We had to integrate Zoho CRM with WordPress in order to create everything related to the movements of the online store and the display of the products; the entire store is automatized and dynamic, everything that happens in the store ends up having an impact on the CRM.
To improve performance, we worked all the images on an S3, and we also used a specific CDN so that the loading is much faster. We built an entire automated system that synchronizes Google Drive images to AWS S3, which in turn is consumed by WordPress to perform a daily update of the stock and the prices. Every time a new product and new image is uploaded, the entire creation process is being synchronized and updated.


We put in four months of high-quality design work and created a website that will allow a customized use for each client. From architects and big construction companies to first time home owners that want the best for their place, they will all have their own tailored offer, and quality will be assured for everyone.

We were able to build a website that, from the first to the last contact, shows premium quality and characteristics, without losing the trust of its customers. This project proved to us that high performance work can take features that at first sight seem contradictory, and combine them to deliver an excellent outcome.

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