Veristyle is a digital product that simplifies access to better clothing recommendations for people, following unique characteristics of each person, such as physiognomy and body type.
“Veristyle uses computer vision to discover a user’s unique style and shop for clothes proven to look good on them based on the most sophisticated styling methods with a sustainable philosophy.”
Ria Chakrabarti, Founder of Veristyle

The challenge

The main challenge was to build something compelling, different and eye-catching in a saturated and exclusive market such as fashion. To understand how the owner´s vision will fit into the context of the market, we organized a week of survey and strategic planning activities, where we managed to frame the product’s positioning. We established its differentiation with the rest of the market, the story that it would tell for potential customers, and a series of functionalities and flows.  And that at the same time, it will be presented as a distribution channel for clothing brands, with the benefit of personalized recommendation.

“We accepted the challenge of building something disruptive, inviting, different, and striking. To do so, we started from the basis of understanding the vision of the product owner, and understanding how it fit into the market context.”
Rodrigo García, Chief Strategy Officer at Revolt

Veristyle combines sophisticated computer vision, industry methodology, and artificial intelligence to identify the Kibbe Body Type of the person. Its technology, based on Machine Learning, allows the analysis and interpretation of the body type with only two pictures and the height of the person. Once a person’s Veristyle is complete, elements of fashion such as lines, silhouettes, fabrics, patterns and colors are individually selected leading to a more optimal application of a style that’s tailored to the individual. 


Two weeks of workshop, one month of design, three months of preparation of edge cases and development. Within four months, a new app had hit the market to transform people’s access to fashion. A new way of finding how to dress had appeared.

Revolutionizing fashion by highlighting unique beauty

What’s inspiring about Veristyle is that it encourages people to embrace and emphasize their features and suggests taking a holistic approach to appearance instead of following random fashion trends. Veristyle users can access personalized clothing recommendations and discover clothes and accessories prioritized by how well they match their style. 

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